Still Not Flossing? Here Are 5 Reasons That You Should Be

At RLJ Dental, we make it a habit of educating our patients on proper dental care. And yes, that always means educating them on the importance of flossing. Still resisting to make flossing an essential part of your daily ritual? Well, of the long list of benefits of flossing, we put together a list of five reasons that we feel can inspire you to floss every day.

  1. Prevents tartar build up in your mouth
    How many can honestly say that the scraping off of tartar from your teeth by your dentist or hygienist is their favorite part of a regular visit? Anyone? We didn’t think so. Flossing regularly helps reduce the buildup of tartar. It allows you to remove the plaque that causes tartar before it can sit and settle. Let’s treat those teeth right!
  2. Fresh breath
    Having fresh breath is something most people attempt to stay conscious of. Flossing helps get rid of excess food and other particles that accumulate around your teeth that can cause your breath to be less than ideal. Not only are you doing yourself a favor by flossing, but also the people that you have to talk to during your day!
  3. Younger smile
    Almost every day of your life, someone is going to see your smile (at least we hope you’re showing it off). Having a young, white smile makes you feel confident when you’re interacting with people out in the community. Flossing helps keep your teeth white and lessens gum recession. We want you walking around with your absolute best smile.
  4. Easy on the wallet
    A regular floss container typically costs about three dollars. Yes, it is a cheap purchase as far as hygiene products, but we are looking at the big picture. Making flossing a routine action, helps keep your mouth healthy and, in turn, saving you money on health care costs. Making fewer visits than necessary throughout the year because you have stellar dental hygiene, really takes it easy on your wallet!
  5. It can save your life!
    There is plenty of recent research that shows a correlation between having gum disease and developing heart disease. Flossing helps reduce the risk of developing gum disease. People that have gum disease are almost twice as likely to later develop heart disease. We aren’t kidding when we tell you to floss daily. It can save a life!

As physicians that care very much about the well-being of not only the dental hygiene but the entire well-being of our patients, we strongly advise you to pick up the habit of flossing. If you are one of those people that already make a habit of it, then we like to say great job and keep up the good work. Keep those smiles looking great! If you would like to learn more about RLJ Dental and where to find your nearest location, visit our website today to learn more.




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