Kick the Habit: Helpful Tips to Quit Smoking

Let’s face it, smoking is a nasty habit. It’s detrimental your overall health, including being a catalyst for a multitude of different cancers, makes your clothes smell funky and is hard on your wallet. But it also does something a little more embarrassing. Not only does your dentist see it right away, but so does the rest of the world. Smoking turns your pearly whites yellow in a hurry. You’ve probably heard it before, but you have the power to take control and kick the habit. Other than going cold turkey, we have put together a few helpful tips to help you stop smoking and get your body, and smile, back on track.

Pick up a healthy hobby
In order to be unhealthy, one must fight to be healthy. Increasing your amount of exercise, switching up your regimen, or picking up a brand new, active hobby are all great ideas to your mind off of smoking and focused on getting healthier. Pairing your new health kick with an increase in brushing will help cleanse your body and brighten your smile!

Seek out a non-smoking friend
Breaking a bad habit can be hard to do alone. And it’s even harder to break a habit if the people you’re around have that very same habit. If you’re trying to “kick butts” (slight pun intended), find a friend that doesn’t smoke. Spending time with someone that doesn’t care to indulge will help keep you on the straight and narrow and moving towards breaking free of the nicotine!

Give the patch and gum a shot
Companies make nicotine patches and gum for a reason. Neither option is terribly expensive and they can give you that little extra push to keep you moving towards a smoke-free life. The patch and gum help reduce the craving for cigarettes by allowing the body absorb nicotine orally or through the bloodstream rather than light up.

Consider your risks
Even though a bright white smile is something you get to pursue when you quit smoking, there are bigger risks if you don’t quit. Being aware of the fact that smoking leads to a number of different cancers including lung, oral, and esophageal on top of the risk of heart disease should be enough to scare you into quitting. It is beneficial to the cause if you lay out all the health hazards you put yourself at risk for by continuing the habit. Use this as motivation.

It is unrealistic to think you can quit a gripping habit like smoking in a day. And if you can, we applaud you. Take the process day-by-day. If you’re smoking a pack a day, cut down to half a pack by next week. Set appropriate, but realistic goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect it to be easy. At RLJ Dental, we have faith that you can quit the habit and let us help you get your teeth back to their smile-friendly form. We currently have 14 locations so feel free to stop in at your nearest location or contact us with any questions or concerns.  


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