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RLJ Dental is seeking dental professionals to join our team today. If you are a dental assistant, hygienist, front desk or office manager; RLJ has a career for you. Our team of highly trained dental professionals can help you reach your professional goals. RLJ Dental has excellent benefits such as healthcare, 401K retirement and paid vacation/holidays for our full time team members.

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RLJ Dental. It’s Practice, Made Perfect.

As the dentists behind RLJ Dental, we know that nothing is more professionally satisfying and emotionally rewarding than providing patients with quality dental care. We also recognize that dealing with insurance companies, managing the books, and juggling daily operations are the necessary, yet far less fulfilling responsibilities that come with this profession.

What if you could focus more on the happiest, most satisfying parts of your day, and less on the busy work? RLJ Dental gives you the ability to lead your own practice, yet confidently leave the non-clinical tasks to our fully capable staff.

Joining RLJ Dental means enjoying all the things you love about dentistry, with none of the things you don’t.

You Lead. We Follow With Industry-Leading Assistance.

RLJ Dental represents a flexible alternative to traditional private-practice dentistry and a different way to build your success right into retirement. When you join RLJ Dental, it’s your practice, your patients, and your staff, and we become your back office.

As a dental network, we provide customized business and ownership solutions that allow you to lead your own practice the way you want, leaving RLJ to handle the tedious side of the profession—handling insurance companies, normalizing cash flow, and executing a host of administrative duties—all those have-to-do tasks that can sometimes be a headache, and always take time away from direct patient care.

As a result, you maintain your clinical autonomy and continue to nurture both positive doctor-patient relationships and staff relationships. We’ll simply keep insurance companies off your back and give you a hand with the back-office tasks, keeping patient care in your hands where it belongs.

We bring strong administrative assistance, clinical guidance, and a shared network of industry insights to support you and your practice, while keeping patient care in your hands and in the hands of your dental team.

  • We negotiate insurance contracts, manage insurance claims, and provide supplemental insurance coverage, leaving you time to focus on great dental care.
  • We use our network of dentist offices who together can better negotiate with payers, buy supplies, and advance the practice of dentistry.
  • We work to provide the kind of reliable administrative services that reflect the care and concern you give your patients clinically.

But there’s more.

Think Network, Not Chain.
Think Support, Not Control.
Think Rewards, Not Restraints.

RLJ offers a different way to practice—not as a chain, but as a network of local independent dental offices working collaboratively to deliver the best, most trusted dental care. With:
No impediments from profit-driven corporate dental chains.
No quotas or mandates on your practice.
No interference with your patient care.
No burdens on your patients.
No disruptions to your work/life balance.
No obstructing your success.

You get the freedom to lead your own patient-focused practice in a whole new way, either as an employee or as a part owner, with the full support of an experienced network of dentists, dental staff, and dependable administrative support.

You not only enjoy clinical freedom, but increased personal freedom, too. Like family-friendly hours, no nights or weekends, and access to other quality dentists who can relieve you and see your patients should you be away from your practice for an extended period.

As a management organization for dentists, led by dentists, RLJ Dental combines industry efforts and works together to make each other better.

 You Know What Makes You Happy

And RLJ Dental can help you stay happily focused. We provide several engagement options from simple employment, to profit sharing, to partial ownership. We take the time to listen to you and understand your professional and personal goals. Then together, we create a customized business solution that meets your goals while ensuring your long-term practice success.

Keep Your Voice.
Keep Your Practice.
Keep Your Satisfaction Levels High Throughout Your Career.

RLJ Dental is the network and partnership you’ll keep for life. You can run your practice, step away from the practical business stuff, and walk out at day’s end to fully enjoy a healthy work/life balance.

Discover your new “Happiness Quotient.” Explore a different way to practice successfully. There’s no obligation.

Join RLJ Dental and Stay Practice Proud.

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RLJ Dental provides the best, most trusted dental care through a network of independent local dental offices, staffed by teams of caring dental professionals.