5 Food & Drinks that Cause Serious Damage to Your Teeth

It’s a fact that your smile makes an impactful first impression. So, why not ensure that you are taking all of the necessary steps to showing off a beautiful smile? Yes, brushing after every meal and keep a strong regimen of flossing is essential, but let’s analyze the sustenance that you are brushing away after those meals. There are plenty of foods that may taste great but can be detrimental to your teeth. Here are five foods and drinks that cause serious damage to your teeth:

We know what you’re thinking. “I need my coffee in the morning,” or “I am NOT productive without my morning caffeine.” We understand. But as much as you may be dependent on it, coffee can seriously affect the health of your teeth. Coffee can not only seriously stain your teeth, it also dries out your mouth which can lead to bad breath. Starting your morning with 16 ounces of cold water can be just as effective. You don’t need to cut coffee out completely, we just advise cutting back on the joe.

Hard candies
For those of you that live for the candy-riddled holidays or enjoy having a few hard candies throughout your day, you are not doing your teeth a favor. The large amount of sugar in these sweets can speed up the deterioration of your teeth which can lead to dental emergencies like chipped or broken teeth. Instead of the hard candies, try a sugarless gum that comes with an ADA seal.

So many foods are paired with, served between or are built around bread. When you are eating bread, the saliva in your mouth breaks down the starches and turns them to sugars. As you chew, the bread turns into a paste-like substance that gets caught between the crevices of your teeth. This can lead to a number of problems that include tooth decay and the increase in the number of cavities
. Switching to a whole wheat bread is one healthier option that preserves the health of your teeth.

Although it is important to consume your daily intake of fruits, making sure you monitor your citrus is key. Citric acid erodes the enamel which puts your teeth at a higher risk of tooth decay over time. Citrus may not only be detrimental to your enamel, but it can also irritate mouth sores and cause them to take longer to heal. Non-citric foods like apples and bananas are healthy alternatives to oranges and other citrus foods.

Here is the one you have all been waiting for. Soda is commonly known to have a negative impact on the health of your teeth. The high concentration of sugar in only one can or bottle can cause swift damage to your teeth. Plaque bacteria already in your mouth uses the sugar to break down enamel in your teeth. The acidity of soda can also severely stain your teeth and put them at risk for a number of problems in the future.

We are not telling you that you cannot enjoy the foods and drinks on this list. We simply ask that you monitor the amount you do consume and properly care for your teeth if you do happen to eat or drink them. If you have any other questions regarding how to keep your teeth happy, healthy and white, visit our website today!


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