3 Clever Ways to Teach Your Kids Dental Hygiene

It’s no secret that getting your kids to practice proper dental hygiene can be a hassle. Having to sit still for more than 15 seconds while they brush, floss and wash is time they could be spending running around being kids. Instead of going through the motions and simply having them follow your lead can make them feel bored and uninterested. To keep their attention and make taking care of their teeth fun, we have put together a few clever ways to peak your child’s interest when the time comes to teach them proper dental hygiene.

  1. Yarn + Block + Play-Doh = Fun learningblock and yarn
    First, place play-doh in between blocks as shown in the picture. Next, get some yarn to replicate dental floss. Have your child practice getting the play-doh out from between the blocks like they would be getting food out from between their teeth. This stresses the importance of flossing to your child. Creating this hands-on learning environment lets kids properly learn how to floss while also having fun getting their hands messy.
  2. Clean the Hard-boiled Egg
    For this demonstration, you will simply require an egg and a tea bag. Start off by hard-boiling an egg with a tea-bag in it. When you remove the egg, it will be stained from the tea bag. Place the egg in a dish and have your child see how cool it is to brush the egg until it becomes white again! Having your child see what can happen if they make brushing their teeth a regular activity is sure to inspire them to want to keep their teeth pearly white.
  3. Learning Lessons from the Tooth Fairy
    Children begin to lose their “baby” teeth around the age of six and begin growing in their “adult” teeth. Using the Tooth Fairy as a learning tool to continue educating your child is a great way to instill the importance of brushing, flossing and the general care of their teeth. Getting these messages across early will help them be prepared for their primary teeth once they start coming in at a young age.

Dental hygiene can be made fun if you take the time to sit down with your children and teach them the importance of having a healthy mouth.There a plenty of other ways to educate your child on the importance of proper dental care that is provided on the American Dental Association website. Also, feel free to contact one of our many offices by visiting the RLJ Dental website for more information. Protect the teeth, brush and floss daily!

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